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We can help improve each other's trees.

Hi, I'm Jon, a bonsai enthusiast and freelance website developer. When a friend suggested this idea for a website I thought it sounded like a great idea, a tool for helping fellow bonsai hobbyists to crowd-source opinions on their bonsai design choices and also to help them discover which of their bonsai might be most appreciated by other enthusiasts. I hope you enjoy viewing all the great trees, sharing your opinions, developing your personal taste, and receiving feedback from your fellow bonsai practitioners.

How to use this website

You can get started by rating some other people's trees which is great fun and the best way to learn about the different types of tests available on this website. After you've rated some other people's trees you can register with your email address to save your rating balance then start uploading photos of some of your trees and creating tests of your own.

Creating your own tests

There are three types of tests you can create. Follow the links below to learn more about them and see examples of how they can be used.

Comparison tests - how do I use them?

Hotspot tests - how do I use them?

Analysis tests - how do I use them?